Saturday, January 12, 2008

Studio Diary part 7!!!

OK, here it is. It's the Stocholm Special!!!:)
Sorry for the delay. Delay is our middle name.

Again, this is very dumb material. Sorry it for that as well. It just seems that the camera starts rolling when we are at our weirdest, and that doesn't quite do justice for the hard work that actually got down as well :)

About the album: Can't wait for you to hear it. We are sitting on dynamite. You have no idea....

Friday, January 11, 2008


Everything is on tape. Everything. We are back home. What happened exactly?
Video stuff tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Last Day in the Studio

Good morning from rainy Stockholm. This is the final day of the recordings for our forthcoming third album. The mixing is done later on somewhere else by someone else, but this is the last day that any sound is going on tape. If there wouldn’t be four smelly guys sleeping in this apartment, and the ventilation would work, I’m pretty sure we’d notice that there’s some magic in the air.
We still got some guitars to play, a few synth-lines, maybe some more piano, ummm some vocals to scream…..then we have to record the refrigerator in our apartment and the traffic lights down the street. As Jussi would put it, there’s another Swamp of Possibilities to cross.
Sooo…We have a long day/night ahead of us. I better wake the rest of the team up and start working.
With Citromix by our side, we cease the day with bravery and joy, we clench our fists with the dawn, wrestle with the Gods of Rock’n Roll, and when the dust finally settles, we are REALITY!!! We will be VICTORIOUS!!!
And then we drink some coffee.

Oh yeah, we PROMISE a video or two in the next few days, it’s just so busy right now that there‘s no time for editing. The footage is going to be very uninformative and maybe the dumbest yet, though. :)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Stockholm Skakar!!!

We are in Stocholm, finishing up the album. Singing, playing guitar and synths and making weird noises. We are knee-deep in this now, but we'll try to put up a full status report and the next video diary soon!