Thursday, November 29, 2007


We started playing songs trough last night, Pelle (producer) and Johan (engineer) have tweaked all the sounds meticulously, and it's starting to sound excellent. Jussi is on the journey to find "The Guitar Sound", and today we should be able to start hammering stuff on tape for real.
We are filming random stuff all the time, expect the Video Diary Part 2 in the next few days. It's still hard to say how much we can concentrate on documentation when the real bashing begins, but we'll do our best.
Danish yoghurt is delicious!


KateDrummer said...

wooohoe:( HI Disco! I'm so Happy, that you are in studio and give to us some news! :)

KateDrummer said...

I'm the one fans from Czech Republic!!! Do you remember me from myspace?:)

Spöker said...

glorious mess :D
Destroy something ugly to create something beautiful, höm