Sunday, December 2, 2007

Video Diary Part 2

Good evening/morning. Here's the video diary part 2. Hope you get something out of it. Pro editing again...
We've had Saturday Night Fever in here. We just finished for today, we've been bashing down the groundwork pretty fluently. Mikko has been playing like a warlock.
Feeling like throwing up, let's go to sleep.


Spöker said...

The Shower-Talk *bwahahaha*
oook you need sleep!

like the drumming <3

lars said...

uujea muikeeta paukutusta odotettavissa levyllä. Mikko saanu vissii säveltää kokonaa ite yhen rallin!

KateDrummer said...

yeees:) thanx for Mikko drumming! I love drums ;e)

Spöker: hi!

Spöker said...

haha hey kate! Seems like we are everywhere ^^

maketsi said...

sorcery that is, mikko´s drumming!