Thursday, December 13, 2007

Video Diary part 5

What day is it? Thursday?
Yeeeaaa. It took some time to get this done, or actually it took time to find the time to do it. We've been super busy laying down the guitars, bass and vocals in. As usual the timetable seems frightening, and things start getting a bit crazy. We got four days to go, and there's so much stuff to be done. We have three different working stations around the studio, one for guitars, one for bass and one for the vocals. Allthough it's hard to get a perspective on the songs you are working so intensively on, but everything sounds very very good. We're healthy, fit, and smelly. We pump iron every morning. We are Rambo.


P.S. If our producer is called Pelle and engineer is Herman, what does that lead to?


Anonymous said...

to pikkukakkonen?

maketsi said...

KateDrummer said...

yeeeah, this short melody sounds really awesome!!!

Spöker said...

this short melody sounds familiar.......:D
Damn Jussi, I come by to steal all your guitars!