Saturday, December 8, 2007

Video Diary part 4

Here's the Video Diary part 4 for you. It's a bit shorter than the previous, but we try to keep the material even somehow informative.
Everything is moving smoothly. We finished all the basic drums&bass couple of days ago, Mikko did an amazing job banging the hell out his Yamahas, and Lasse's bass takes seem to be very solid.

Jussi has started to do overdubs on the guitars and tonight we're going to start on the vocals as well. Expect footage of that in the next video diaries. The album whole is starting to shape up. We still have 18 tracks to choose from, though. It's going to be a horrible task to start cutting more songs out. Think of having 18 children and having to choose which ones you are not going to give food to. Album title is another big question, we have some pretty strong contenders...

Apart from two trips to the Spar in the nearest village, we've been fairly isolated inside the studio. It's very comfortable in here and the outside world is starting to feel very distant. And there's really nowhere to go since we're surrounded by fields of corn as long as the eyes can see. At night it get's so dark that when you walk 20 meters from the studio area, you can't see even the lenght of your arm. If the electricity would go out, we'd shit our pants so fast. There's no streetlights in nothingness.

Friends, have a good day/night. Talk to you soon.

-Disco Ensemble


Spöker said...

drums done *hooray*
mikkos drumming makes me wanna see you live again so bad!

Anonymous said...

every time i looked these short videos i cant wait for the album
gogo dudes

impostor said...

Nice beat (starting at about 30 seconds into the video)!

KateDrummer said...

drums done :D
thanx for next and next videos;)

Susku said...

Rakastan teitä! You`re the best!!!
Wish it was april..