Sunday, December 16, 2007


Need to relax? Tired of the daily grind?
Here's an alternative for drowning your sorrow into alcohol and bad nightlife: Naphopping!

Step 1. Get yourself really tired. (sing, play, pump iron, worry etc.)
Step 2. Find a weird place to sleep in. Something you're not used to. Choose a place that you propably won't recognize when you suddenly wake up. (a hotel room, you're friend's apartment, the attic, or total darkness)
Step 3. When you're hyper tired, set your alarm clock to wake you up in 1 hour, and set the snooze mode to 10 minute stretches.
Step 4. Fall asleep (yeah right)
Step 5. Alarm clock rings. When you wake up, hit the snooze button and quickly think of something you want to dream of (Jennifer Connelly, flying, humidors, Tegan & Sara, crossbows, a riff, custom guitars, world peace, raspberries...)
Step 6. If it's working as it should, you'll start dreaming of the thing you thought of during the sudden moment of clarity. Of course the logic of dreams adds the weird elements into your chosen topic, but if you concentrate really well, you could fly around with Jennifer Connelly, fighting together for world peace. She's super good with the crossbow and you can select the tastiest cigars out of your portable humidor-backpack while she takes out the bad guys.
Step 7. Wake up suddenly to the alarm again. Hit snooze. Think of something you'd like to add to the previous nap-flash, or if it was perfect, just try to continue from where you left off. If it works, you'll still rule the skies with jennifer, but this time with Daft Punk playing in the backround.
Step 8. Continue hopping from a dream to another as long as you wish. Don't stop if it gets weird, that's the best bit.

When you wake up, you'll feel surreal and weird, but hopefully also relaxed and cheery. When you get the feel of it, you can also adapt naphopping into your morning sleep. Just set your alarm ringing 50 min. in advance, so you'll have 5 flash-naps to hop into before you have to wake up for real.

Some otherworldly music could get you in the mood, just before the first collapse.

Soundtrack suggestions:
PJ Harvey: White Chalk
Burial: Untrue
The Field: From Here We Go Sublime
Deerhunter: Cryptograms
Anything from The Knife or M83


D.E. said...

I've tried this and it never works

impostor said...

...Or you could just sleep properly the whole time with some music playing and the effect will be pretty much the same. Seriously, this one time I had a dream where an MTV Awards show was held at some old theatre and on the stage there was Paris Hilton singing 'Videotape' by Radiohead and to my surprise no one in the audience died of internal bleeding. That shit was fucked up.

Eero said...

good soundtrack that is, dudes. cya when you get back to berlin!//

MattenR said...

Yeah, lucid dreaming rocks. =)

Nixe said...

lol.. actually that's what I'm doing every day on my way to school in the train :) (and hope to wake up in time and not to miss my station :P )